Technology is about what you know

So we think were savvy. We can print, artificial email, blog, and even have a small digital camera. Technology is our vehicle but do we know what is around the next corner? Here is a glipse of a glipse.

Ever watch Minority Report, with Tom Cruise?

Here is the first glipse..

Microsoft has a new way to view photos. Like a master scrapbook of everything uploaded it, Photosynth puts everyone’s photos to good use. This provides the user as many viewpoints as was take. High and low resolution photography can be available together.

The next technology that I find facinating is with Google Earth. Google, has very humbly described it as “Historical imagery from around the globe” but this is nothing short of magic. In 1991, I was at the Chicago Museum of Natural History a display made in the 1950′s showed the progression of farmlands into a modern (albiet, 1950′s modern) city. The evolution is striking. Google has added layers to their maps and provided much of the same data. Thank you NASA for being the master scrapbookers of Mother Earth.