The Brett Cottle at Your Work

We all know a “Brett Cottle” at work. He works, health care and works and works…. The markers of performance seem to go unnoticed. Sales are outstanding, diagnosis years of service, attendence, and other “corp” checkboxes are in the top 3%. In fact, they are so good, they seem normal to the bean counters. Never are the Brett Cottles awarded for their outstanding track record.

On the contray, the Brett Cottle’s are always smiling. The jokes have a synical side to them, indicating the workload they bear, but over all they are happy, content and still pushing back at the burden.

I love working with them, they are like the Franchise Players of the NBA, who after rentless attacks, set backs and even injuries overcome to win the game….then when the media mob reaches them for comment, they say something humble, “I was just doing my job.” Marking another distinguishing characteristic between good and legendary.