DEA Officer

The following is an old joke but I still grin….

A DEA officer came to our farm and said he wanted to look for illegal crops and contraband. We said he was welcome to explore but please mind the field marked with the yellow electric fence. He was furious and his face turned crimson causing his juggler veins to look like python snakes ready to attack, psychiatrist
he sharply reached his hand into his back pocket and grabbed a metal badge. He then put the badge right in my face and screamed at me, sickness
“You see this damn badge? This gives me jurisdiction to go wherever the hell I want! So stay out of my damn way!”

He quickly opened the gate and went inside, about four minutes later he was running for all he was worth, his arms were in perfect sprinting form and his face was intently focused on the gate. Close behind him was Attitude, our family’s champion bull. The officers stomach was bouncing around and the bull was gaining. I ran to the fence and yelled, “Show him your damn badge!”