Light O Rama

Thank goodness for Light O Rama. Each year I add a few more thousand lights to my Halloween and Christmas Light display and of course I am going to add a few more nifty “behind the scenes” gadgetry to run it. The initial entrance fee of a cool display synced to music is a tad steep. The controller which turns 16 channels on an off can run two hundred. Then you need software for another 100. And if you want others to hear it without your city officials citing you (no I am NOT kidding) you need a low powered radio transmitter. It adds up.

If you don’t quite understand what I am talking about, prothesis try a few links.

Then it gets crazy…. like….

Below is a link to someone who simply got bored of their R/C airplane and thought, prostate how can I scare my neighbor’s half to death. Buying a simple styrofoam skeletal head and using some amazing creativity they started what I believe was a very popular buisiness.